Bruce Langhorne Tribute compilation

White Out has contributed a track entitled Another Windmill to The Hired Hands – A Tribute to Bruce Langhorne, a compilation of compositions by Bruce Langhorne interpreted by various artists. You can visit the Scissor Tail Records Bandcamp page to listen and purchase. We are very pleased that we could add our interpretation to this great project.

Los Angeles ruled!

Photo by Imprint Culture Lab

The shows in LA were super stylin’ and we met so many great people! Thanks Bill Nace, Christopher Reid Martin, Gabie Strong, Andrew Scott, Devin Sarno, Michael Morley, Kim Gordon, Telecaves, G.E. Stinson, Danny Frankel, The Smell, Non Plus Ultra, and all the music supporters out there. Here is a link to one person’s impressions of the show at Non Plus Ultra.

Imprint Culture Lab

Just caught the tail end of Non Plus post show Karaoke at the Smog Cutter. What a night!

We got a pick in the LA Weekly.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

Vinyl is back. I know because our album Accidental Sky is at both Target and Best Buy and available for ordering with NO SHIPPING! If there is an adventurous soul on your Christmas list maybe this is just the thing. The vinyl sounds incredibly detailed due in a large part to Paul Gold’s mastering no doubt.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.23.28 AM