Accidental Sky at Other Music

Other Music has some nice words to say about the new release.

Vinyl out on 11/27. An invigorating free-rock workout from New York’s long-running White Out two piece and six-string wizard Nels Cline, Accidental Sky rolls and rumbles beautifully throughout its seven adventurous tracks. Noise lovers will be pleased: the album offers plenty of blistering guitar action, skittering drumkit attacks and clattering keyboards. But in the end, what impresses most is the overall interplay — these are musicians who are actually listening closely to one another, no matter how far out they go in their improvisations. And White Out and Cline also allow space for more introspective moments: dig the lovely flute line that wafts mysteriously in and out of “Under a Void Moon” or the graceful, calm closer “Soft Nameless Absolute.” (October 16, 2015)

You can order the record HERE.

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