A whole mess of press for our new LP “Accidental Sky”

Here are some links to a bunch of reviews for the new LP Accidental Sky. Thanks to everyone who listened!

“In a world where many will release countless recordings every year, the infrequency of White Out missives means they are something to be eagerly anticipated and cherished on arrival. Accidental Sky is both these things and more.” Free Jazz Collective
“Accidental Sky rolls and rumbles beautifully throughout its seven adventurous tracks… what impresses most is the overall interplay — these are musicians who are actually listening closely to one another, no matter how far out they go in their improvisations.” Other Music
“Wade into the haze and scramble your mind.” The Big Takeover
Relix Magazine by Jesse Jarnow
Free Jazz Collective by Matthew Grigg
Dalton Sound  by Tim Owen
Gappelgate Guitar and Bass Blog by Grego Applegate Edwards
Dusted by Justin Cober-Lake
Something Else by S. Victor Aaron
Tiny Mix Tapes by jrodriguez6
Other Music by Tyler Wilcox

Avant Music News
The Big Takeover 
by Chuck Foster
The barn presents

Sound of Music
(if you read Swedish)

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